How to get our cash coupon?

1. Share our website on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and so on

After you make the payment for your new order, you can share our website like that:

Chick these button on the far right of our website:

After that, you can send me the screenshot of the share for our


You will get 3 usd cash coupon for your next new order, if likenum int more than 500,

you can get extra 5 usd cash coupon, every customer only have 2 times to get this cash coupon

2. Share our website on soccer(football) forum

Share or introduce our site on a relevant soccer forum in your country, our website

address need to be contained in your introduction, and send us the link of your

introduction on the forum .You will get $1-10 Cash Coupon when it is verified.

3. Recommend friends to buy

If you recomend your friends to buy, you send your friend register email for us,

your friend will get 5 usd cash coupon for his new order.You will be rewarded with 10 % (coupon cash)

of the amount of your friends first orders if your friends place an order in our site successfully.